Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Athina Ouranidou

This blog site was created a few months ago so artists could demonstrate their opposition to the death penalty by participating in it with pieces of art of theirs. I started connecting artists I have been admiring and it is quite touching that these people although they did not know me and they never heard of me they trusted me.

Their great pieces of art and their generosity made this blog site a beautiful and stirring place on the web. I gave an interview about this blog site by the Greek magazine “Ανεξartητη Γυναίκα της Θεσσαλονίκης” recently which can be accessed on: http://www.anexartiti.gr/Flip_flap_anexartiti/index.html page 44. This interview is dedicated to the artists participating in the blog site. Without them my idea of creating a blog site against the capital punishment would be still an idea and nothing would have happened.

I am really thankful indeed for your trust Maren Fiebig, Linda Hesh, Darrell Black, Kamala Platt, Carolina Mayorga, Maryam Lavaf, Majid Roohafza, Linda Larsen, Margaret Whiting, Linda Lee, Terry Schutte, Brian Seldt, Antonia Tricarico, Alex Warble, Bob Walls, Rita Fuchsberg, Wesley Anderegg, Ken Aptekar, Nick Crowe, Ian Rawlinson, Robert Butts and Dorothy Nott for your precious help, Arthur Judah Angel and Angus Hepburn.


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