Friday, January 28, 2011

Linda Hesh

My work is very conscious of speaking to an audience, declaring private musings publicly to play with taboos or challenge social norms. With my "Death Totes" I propose that if you support the death penalty, you should be proud to carry a tote bag that proclaims your convictions. "An Eye For An Eye" is an obvious reference to the Bible- I think is important to reflect on religious teachings that promote peace allowing for violence when "necessary." "Choose Death" is a play on the phrase "Choose Life" that is used by the "pro-life" movement that is against abortion but seems fine with the death penalty. Irony is especially irritating when the life of a human is involved.

"Death Totes" by Linda Hesh presented as archival ink jet prints and canvas bags

1 comment:

  1. very interesting -- i think i know people who would proudly carry the "an eye for an eye" bag so the "choose death" one appeals to me more!